The purpose of the ministry center is to minister effectively to people in order to see their needs be met. To see this occur, we must minister in the same way as Jesus ministered to people. When we look closely at the ministry of Jesus on earth, we see Him preaching the gospel of the kingdom, casting out demons, and healing the sick and oppressed everywhere He went. In fact, he did this continuously both publicly among the multitudes and in the synagogues throughout all of Galilee


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As you read the testimonies below, you will hear of testimonies of healing of cancer, diabetes, tumors and growths, high blood pressure, schizophrenia, learning disability, drug addiction, seizures, body pains, loss of prosperity, gluttony, blindness, dumbness, deafness, and thousands healed in churches where demons have been cast out during deliverance ministry. We give God all the glory for His great and mighty works



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   We have seen many healed of high blood pressure. They were healed as the spirits causing high blood pressure were cast out and healing was received from the Lord. Some were on medication prescribed by a doctor. After the spirits were cast out and healing was ministered to the point where the blood pressure was normal, the doctors took them off the medication. Jesus is the healer of high blood pressure!


We regularly see the Lord heal people of all sorts of pains. The most common ones are neck, back, headache, and joint pains. We recently ministered to a woman who had back pain for fifteen years and could not bend over and touch her toes. We cast out the spirits causing the pain and laid hands on her back, and she was totally healed. She could bend over, touch her toes, and have full movement with no pain! The Lord will heal you of any pain!


  As I have ministered deliverance seminars Online in churches in countries of Africa  the Lord has healed thousands of believers of all kinds of pains, sicknesses, and diseases as demons have been cast out during deliverance ministry. To God be all the glory for the great things He has done!