Within the Bible may be observed a sort of prayer that’s the highest and the maximum non-secular, but few people notice or provide up such utterance. What is it? It is an “authoritative prayer”. We understand the prayer of reward, the prayer of thanksgiving, prayer of asking, and prayer of intercession, however, we understand very little of prayer of authority. Authoritative prayer is that which occupies the most full-size area within the Word. It signifies authority, even the command of authority.
Now if we prefer to be ladies and men of prayer, we have to study this authoritative type. It is the kind of prayer which the Lord refers to in Matthew 18.18—“What matters soever ye shall bind on earth shall be certain in heaven, and what matters soever ye shall free on the earth shall be loosed in heaven.” Here is dropping in addition to binding prayer. The movement of heaven follows the movement of the earth. Heaven listens to the phrases on the earth and acts on the planet’s command. Whatsoever is bound on earth shall be bound in heaven, and in any respect is loosed on the planet shall be loosed in heaven. It isn’t an asking on this planet but a binding on this planet; it is not an asking on the planet but a losing on the earth. And this is authoritative prayer.
Such an expression may be discovered in Isaiah 45. Eleven, which runs: “Command ye me.” How do we dare to command God? Is now not this too preposterous? Too presumptuous? But this is what God himself says. Doubtless, we ought to no longer within the least permit the flesh to come in here. Nevertheless, we’re hereby proven that there’s a kind of commanding prayer. According to God’s point of view, we may additionally command Him. Such utterance needs to be discovered particularly via all students of prayer. Let us overview the tale of Exodus 14. When Moses led the kids of Israel out of Egypt he came to the shore of the Red Sea. A serious hassle arose. Before they were the Red Sea and behind them had been the pursuing Egyptians. At that moment the Israelites have been simply in a predicament. They noticed the Egyptians coming after them, and that they were sore afraid. They cried to the Lord on the one hand and murmured towards Moses on the opposite. How did Moses react? From the phrase of God, we learn that Moses cried to the Lord. But then God informed him: “Wherefore criest thou unto me? Speak unto the kids of Israel, that they go forward. And elevate thou up thy rod, and stretch out thy surrender the sea, and divide it, and the kids of Israel shall go into the midst of the ocean on dry ground” (vs. 15-16). The rod which God gave to Moses represents authority. So that what God intended through His words become: You do now not need to cry to Me, you could use authoritative prayer; you pray the prayer of command, and I will paintings. Hence what Moses discovered and skilled here was authoritative prayer or the prayer of command. In our day where does such prayer of command find its foundation with the Christian? It has its beginning at the ascension of the Lord. Ascension could be very much associated with the Christian existence. What is the relationship? Ascension gives us victory. Just because the death of Christ solves our vintage advent in Adam and resurrection leads us into the brand new introduction, so ascension gives us a new function in the face of Satan. This isn’t a new function before God, for the sort of function is acquired by the resurrection of the Lord. Nonetheless, our new function earlier than Satan is secured through the ascension of Christ. Note these phrases from Ephesians: “And made him [Christ] sit down at his right hand in the heavenly locations, far peculiarly rule, and authority, and power, and dominion, and every call that is named, not only in this global but additionally in that’s to return: and he placed all matters in subjection beneath his ft” (1.20-22a). When Christ ascends to heaven He opens a manner to heaven, so that henceforth His church may additionally ascend from earth to heaven. We know our non-secular foe dwells in the air, but nowadays Christ is already ascended to heaven. A new manner is consequently spread out from earth to heaven. This way was previously blocked by Satan, however, now Christ has opened it up. Christ is now some distance in particular rule and authority and electricity and dominion and every name that is known as, not simplest on this international but also in that that is to come back. This is the current position of Christ. In different phrases, God has prompted Satan and all his subordinates to be subject to Christ; yea, He has placed all things in subjection underneath His feet. The importance of ascension is quite one of a kind from that of demise and resurrection. While the latter is totally for the sake of redemption, the former is for warfare—particularly, to execute what His death and resurrection have performed. Ascension makes appear a new function. Thank God, for we are advised that He has “raised us up with him, and made us sit with him in the heavenly locations, in Christ Jesus” (Eph. 2.6).
Do we now see what God has performed for us? In the first chapter of Ephesians, we are told that Christ is ascended to heaven, a long way especially rule and authority and power and dominion and every name that is called, now not only in this global but also in that that is to come. The 2d bankruptcy it maintains via telling us that we’re now seated with Him within the heavenly places. This is the same as telling us that the church is likewise ways in particular rule and authority and energy and dominion and every name that is called, no longer handiest in this international however also in that that is to come back. Thank God, that is the truth. As Christ is now in heaven ways principally, so the church these days is a long way mainly. As the Lord is a long way notably religious foes, so is the church far specifically non-secular foes. As all spiritual foes are passed through the Lord at His ascension, so too are those non-secular foes surpassed through the church which has ascended with the Lord. Accordingly, all spiritual foes are put in subjection below the ft of the church. Let us note the connection among Ephesians 1, 2, and six. Chapter 1 shows us our function in Christ; Chapter 2, the placement of the church in Christ; and Chapter 6, what the church have to do now that she has entered upon that function in Christ. Chapter 1 speaks of Christ in heaven; Chapter 2, of the church, seated with Christ in the heavenly places; and Chapter 6, of religious war. God has made the church sit down with Christ in the heavenly locations that she may not best sit there however additionally stand. So that when Chapter 2 mentions “take a seat”, Chapter 6 says “stand”, which signifies status in the heavenly function: “Against the principalities, in opposition to the powers, towards the world-rulers of this darkness, in opposition to the spiritual hosts of wickedness inside the heavenly locations . . . And, having achieved all, to stand” (6.12,13). Since our struggle is towards the non-secular hosts of wickedness, it is a religious conflict. “With all prayer and supplication praying at all seasons inside the Spirit, and looking thereunto in all perseverance and supplication for all of the saints, and on my behalf. . . . “ (Eph. 6.18,19a). This is the prayer of nonsecular battle. This form of prayer is different from the ordinary type. The everyday kind is praying from earth to heaven, however, the sort of prayer right here spoken of is standing in the heavenly role and praying from heaven all the way down to earth. Authoritative prayer begins in heaven and ends on the earth. In brief, authoritative prayer is a prayer from heaven to earth. All who know a way to pray to realize what is meant by praying upward and what is supposed by using praying downward. If someone has by no means learned the way to pray downward, he has yet to discover authoritative prayer. In religious battles, this kind of praying downward is surprisingly critical. What is praying downward? It is standing upon the heavenly function Christ has given us and using authority to face up to all the works of Satan by using commanding that anything God has commanded needs to be performed. Suppose, as an instance, that we are praying for a specific rely. After we’ve visible what the need of God is and have certainly ascertained what God has ordered, we ought to then now not pray: “O God, I ask You to do that element”; on the opposite, we ought to pray: “God, You ought to do this thing, it has to be done in this way. God, this factor ought to so be done.” This is commanding prayer—prayer of authority.
The meaning of “amen” is not “allow or not it’s so” but “for this reason shall it be”. When I say amen to your prayer I am asserting that thus shall the matter be, that what you pray shall so be completed. This is the prayer of command, which comes out of religion. The reason we may so pray is that we have the heavenly function. We are delivered into this heavenly function whilst Christ ascends to heaven. As Christ is in heaven so we too are in heaven, simply as whilst Christ died and became resurrected, we also died and have been resurrected. We should see the heavenly function of the church. Satan commences his work by using causing us if he can to lose our heavenly role. For the heavenly is the location of victory. As lengthy as we stand in that function, we are successful. But if by Satan we are dragged down from heaven, we’re defeated.
All victories are gained via standing inside the heavenly, victorious function. Satan will tempt you, saying, “You are in the world”; and you’re defeated certainly in case your solution, “I am in the world.” He will use such defeat to the problem you, inflicting you to bear in mind yourself as genuinely on the planet. But in case you stand and reply: “As Christ is in heaven, so I am in heaven”, you lay keep of your heavenly position and are triumphant. Hence status in position is of top-notch importance. Authoritative prayer is based on this heavenly role. Because the church is with Christ within the heavenly places, she may pray the prayer of authority.

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